Zgodbe Soče


The extraordinary and unique natural environment of the Soča Valley is the area where locals, inhabitants of the Soča Valley, together with tourists, visitors, and guests envisage and create opportunities for development grounded in firm foundations of historical and cultural heritage and the shared interpretation of the past.


Thus we have decided to participate in the project European destination of Excellence (EDEN) and entered it. The heritage of the Soča Front has not only marked the Soča Valley but it also helps one get acquainted with the history of the place and its people and understand it. History of the world was written in the Valley of Soča.

One of the most pristine Alpine rivers, the emerald Soča has been writing its own stories for centuries: the Goldhorn fairy tale and legends of a miracle flower atop Slovenia’s highest peak, stories about shepherds on mountain pastures, narratives about remarkable natural wealth, family sagas of strong-willed and friendly people. The area is a lasting memorial to the cruelties of war, which left its distinctive mark on this natural paradise.

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